Guide To Every Anime on Every Streaming Service

Easily Find Any Anime on Each Streaming Service.

These Streaming Guides List All the Import Information on the Anime per Service.

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What You Get in this Guide

14 Guides that each cover a different streaming service they are:
AsianCrush, Crunchyroll, Funimation
HBO Max, HiDive, Hoopla, Hulu
Midnight Pulp, Netflix, PlutoTV
Prime Video, TubiTV, RetroCrush
and Vudu

The guide is organized by sections with each section containing a different streaming service.

Each page for the streaming service contains the following information:

1. The anime library total
2. The anime exclusive total
3. The dubbed anime total
4. The subbed anime total
5. The amount of anime that requires a subscription
6. A basic sentence summarizing the subscription. Ex Freemium, Free with ads, paid subscription required, etc.

Each entry of specific anime contains the following information:

1. The name of the anime
2. If it is available in English Dub, English Sub, or if both options are available
3. If the anime is exclusive to that streaming service.
4. Finally, if the anime requires a paid subscription to watch.
a. Part:
Less than half of the anime requires a subscription
b. Half:
Can either mean:
1. Half the episodes require a subscription
2. One of the languages requires a subscription to watch. Funimation does this with many of their anime.
c. All: You need a subscription to watch all the episodes.
d. Free: None of the episodes require one.

Each guide is compatible with ctr-f so you can search for any anime with this method.


What Is the Value of This Guide?

  1. It’s an easy to use reference handbook to many streaming services.
  2. You can save it locally, and use it whenever even offline.
  3. It gives you more information than most sites. For example, this guide states when an anime is exclusive to a specific service.

Why Should I Use This Guide When I Can Search for the Information on My Own?

  1. Navigating each streaming service for anime can be difficult
    1. Some general streaming sites filters are not good enough to find anime
    2. With this guide, you can check one place instead of each service.
  2. Reelgood and Justwatch are not good options for finding where to watch anime online
    1. They are often incomplete in their listing per streaming service
    2. The information provided is too overwhelming
    3. Navigating a simple PDF over an expansive database is much easier

Won’t This Information in the PDF Become Out of Date as Soon as It’s Released?

  1. This only applies to new anime released. Unless an unexpected removal of older anime occurs, this guide will always be accurate
  2. Every two months I will release a new FREE version that will have updates. I will discuss these updates in the email and highlighted them in the PDF.

When If a New Streaming Service Comes Out That I Missed?

  1. If I am aware of it and it has a substantial amount of anime, I will add it to this guide.

Does This Contain Every Streaming Service Out There That Has Anime?

  1. No, it only includes the major ones that show anime for the U.S audience. For example, I did not include Anime Lab which is only available in Australia.
  2. In the case of Hoopla, it's content comes from libraries in the midwest

Is This Guide Really FREE and If So Why?

  1. Because there should a free central location that lists what anime is online and where you can watch it.
  2. I made this guide for myself but realized this is something that others could use.

Who Is This Guide For?

  1. Anyone who wants an easy guide on where to anime online.
  2. People in the U.S since some of the anime or services in this guide may not be available in other countries.
  3. Brand new fans or veterans who have been watching anime for decades.

Easily Find Any Anime on Each Streaming Service.

These Streaming Guides List All the Import Information on the Anime per Service.

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